Thursday, July 19, 2007

E.S.P Annual Vacation

Before coming out to Denver we came up with this great idea to go on an annual vaction with our friends. This was our first year and it was a blast. We all met up at the Green River for a rafting trip. The rapids were pretty scary and we almost lost Kory, but luckily he had his life preserver on! he he :) We also went to goblin valley where we played some hide an seek and hiked around. We all had alot of fun and hope to recruit more of our friends next year!

Presenting Kory and Marianne Longenecker

We are currently living in Denver Colorado. Kory is working for Stone Security selling ADT systems. He is doing very well so far. His goal for the summer is to sell 100 systems and by the looks of things....he will reach it :) As for me, well, I am working at The Home Depot where I have made some fun, but intresting new friends!