Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Kory has recently signed up for a "Biggest Loser" type of program here in Utah at Open Court. His friend Mike lost over 30 pound doing their program. Kory signed up on September 15th and has been doing great with it so far. He goes everyday for an hour and works out with a trainer. He has a certain list of foods he can eat which is not strict really at all. Mostly fruits, veggies, lean meats, and pretty much anything else thats not greasy or sugar loaded. I have been very impressed with Kory's motivation. I have never seen him so motivated to loose weight like this. He is eating very healthy and has cut back on his portions. The thing I like most about this program is that it is very realistic and isn't something that can't be kept up. Some programs and diets are not realistic and can't be maintained for very long. Guess how much weight Kory had lost in only two weeks? Nope, even more! Kory has lost 12 pounds. I am very proud of him and his detirmination. The program lasts until December 15th and the person who has made the biggest change or has lost the most weight wins 10,000 dollars. Cool huh! Who knows, he might even win.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Since we've been home

It seems like we have been running around like crazy since we've been home. We started school 12 hours after we got home from California so that was a bit crazy trying to unpack and all. Then we decided to paint out family room and clean our carpets. Luckily we have been back for many fun events like Mike and Katie Woodward's baby shower,one of my best friend's bridal shower and wedding dinner, FHE with the whole Wallentine family, and so on!

Kory's early Birthday present!

Last summer Kory found out that the U of U's football team would be playing at "The BIG HOUSE." Kory's favorite team is Michigan so for a whole year he has been talking about wanting to go to this game. I never really thought he would go through with it. Sure enough, a few days before the game he booked a flight to Michigan. One of Kory's best friends Clint Mower, plays for the U of U so he was able to get Kory a free ticket on the front row.

Go utes!

Number 39 is Clint Mower. He is the long snapper for the University of Utah.

This stadium holds almost twice as many fans as BYU's stadium. (109 thousand?)I guess that's why they call it the big house!

I think Kory said this was called touchdown Jesus. Is that bad say?

Happy 24th Birthday Kory!

Make a wish!

We had a labor day/ birthday party at the Owen's condo. I had no idea the kinds of stories these boys had from their high school days. OH BOY!

So about a year ago Kory won his fantasy football tournament so Carl Clegg ( chris clegg's dad) took Kory out to a restaurant called Ruth's Chris Steak house. Ever since that day Kory has mentioned Ruth's Chris to almost every person he knows. To surprise Kory for his birthday, I decided to take him to "Ruth's Chris." He told me it was expensive, but I had no idea! If you go, be sure to dress I little nicer than we did. Oops. I sort of look like a turtle here huh ;(

We highly recommend the sweet potatoes. They are really, really, really good! They were my favorite part of the meal.

Like I said, this is an expensive restaurant

We needed to get out of our house and enjoy the nice weather so we drove up the canyon and walked around cascade springs. If you haven't ever been here I recommend it. I always love to eat the water cress, but don't tell the rangers!
This picture turned out really well...um maybe i should be a photographer after all!

We went to Chelsea Whittenberg's wedding dinner at Snowbird's Cliff lodge.

Doesn't she make a beautiful bride!