Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On May 1st I had my Elementary Education convocation at 8:00 A.M and then the big commencement ceremony with everyone at 10:30 in the McKay Event Center. There were 146 people graduating in the Elem Ed Program and 3,743 people graduating from UVU.

Since I was one of the Valedictorians in the Elementary Education Program, they had me speak at my convocation. Okay, that was not true, I just took a picture at the podium

This picture is of me right after they read my name and gave me my diploma.

This is Julie, one of my good friends in the Elementary Education Program. Thanks to her there was never a dull moment in class.

Without Kory's help with my math classes I would have never graduated. Thanks!

Kory's parents flew in from Virginia for their son Brandon's graduation. Luckily our graduation ceremonies were on different days so they were also able to come to my convocation and commencement as well.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

These are my best buds in the Elementary Education Program. We sat together for two years worth of classes. Thanks Jill, Julie, and Hayley for the fun times in class.

President Monson spoke at commencement. It seemed strange to hear his voice at a school function.

After graduation was over, we had lunch at Tuconos with my parents and Kory's parents and then we were off to Philadelphia. We drove for 7 hours that day, 14 hours the next day, and 11 hours that last day. We finally made it on Sunday night!