Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't you just LOVE Halloween!

Kory and I have been so busy this past month. I keep wanting to post about things but feel like I've always got something more pressing to do. This past month I went on a fun trip with some of my girl friends to San Fancisco....we had such a fun time and made some pretty crazy memories a long the way. While I was on my girls trip Kory and some friends went to St. George to golf....and boy did they golf. I can't remember for sure but I think they golfed 100 and something holes in 2 days. Kory had fun to say the least. Kory also started a new job a couple of weeks ago. He is working for a company called Paychex and is currently away on a 2 week training in New York.

Some friends and I put together an awesome Halloween party! We had fog, police lights, scary music, food, games... you name it and it was there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun times

I have been sooooooo busy this past month and a half with school starting up again...not to mention changing schools and grades. So far Kindergarten has really tested my patience, but it has also been a lot of fun too. Hopefully each day just keeps getting easier. Kory is back in Utah now and is currently looking for a job.

We went camping up A.F. canyon this past weekend with our friends. The leaves were already changing colors and looking so pretty.

Michelle, Christian, Marianne, and Kory

Happy Birthday Kory! I have an awesome cupcake book and I got the idea to make a golf course cake for Kory for his b-day cake.

We had a fun birthday party for Kory and his friend Mike in our backyard.

Colton, Kory, and Landon

Chelsea and Zac

Christian and Michelle

Chris, Kathryn, and Cole

The green

Kory and I made homemade hotdog and hamburger buns one Sunday afternoon. They actually turned out really good. Especially the hotdog buns!

Me in my new classroom on top of my cupboards.

Chelsea and Zak came out to California for a family vacation and happened to be staying in a house on Newport Beach which was only 15 minutes away from where we lived. We decided to meet up and go to's always fun to see somebody you know in a different place.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quick Update

I just realized that I left my camera at school, but I will just quickly write about what we've been up to.

- Over the 24th of July we were in Utah for a family reunion up Hobble Creek Canyon. We had a lot of fun camping and Kory even won the Bergmann family horseshoe tournament. We have the trophy to prove it!

-After the 24th of July weekend we headed straight up to Bear Lake for another family reunion. We had a lot of fun with Kory's family....and it was awesome having every single one of Kory's family members there. That only happens about once in every 4 years. It was kind of a big deal since he had family coming from Virginia, Florida, Las Vegas, and us from California.

-Kory and I went back to California for a week and made a quick day trip to Tijuana. Boy is that place stinky!

-I packed up our stuff and Kory and I drove back to Utah so I could get started on setting up my new room.

- Kory dropped me off in Utah last Sunday and flew back to California that same day day.

- This past week I have been working non stop on getting my new room all set up for this coming year of teaching Kindergarten. With my mom's help were were able to get everything set up in 4 days.

- Alpine days was yesterday and I had a lot of fun with my family. The breakfast, parade, booths, rodeo, and the fireworks.

-Kory will be working in California for two more weeks. I have/get to start going to school on August 23rd. School starts on the 25th. I luckily will just be testing my students by appointment one by one for 5 days. So my first "real" day of teaching with be on September 1st. case I haven't mentioned it before, I will be teaching at Mount Mahogany in PG near State Street and sort of by Macey's.

- Well...that's all for now!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Do

This is Kory..... Marianne thought it would be fun to get fake hair for her birthday. So, we got her some clip in hair extensions. She loves them and I also think they look great. Happy Birthday Marianne! (July 3rd)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a fun week!

This past week was a lot of fun! Kory took a couple of days of to play with me. Since Kory is not managing this summer, he didn't feel a bit bad about it.

We really wanted to go boogie boarding and thought it would be a nice day since it is July 7th, but it was only 60 degrees and chilly so we found this huge hole on the beach and burrowed down and watched the mens water polo team run back and forth in their speedos instead ;)

Can you guess where we're at?

You guessed it...DISNEYLAND!
I really love Disneyland. I love the atmosphere that is at each ride. I am amazed at the details the put into thier rides.

Nobody is too old too have pictures with Mickey...right?

I love the Haunted Mansion ride! It's my favorite! I remember being so amazed the first time I went on it...I still am!

We went to Knott's Berry farm for my Birthday! It was a lot of fun!

This ride was so much fun. Kory was so scared waiting in line...I really thought he was going to chicken out and not ride it with he has done before :)

Looks like Kory found a new little hunny... and I just found an old creepy man.

Happy 4th of July! I wanted to make a cake and decorate it by covering it with stars of frosting...which I did try to do but I didn't have enough frosting for my vision. At least in tasted good.

We went Tustin's (the city where we live) firework show with some of the other guys and their wives.

I love fireworks!

My my bought me an awesome cupcake making book filled with fun ideas. I thought I would try out one of the ideas by making these cute fish for game night with our friends.

I didn't have a platter to put them I use this boogie board instead. I think it adds a nice touch :)

Aren't they funny?