Monday, July 28, 2008

Monterey, California July 27 2008


We took a fun little jont to Monterey for our second anniversary. Can you believe it?Two years! I was pretty excited when I noticed they had our anniversary date on the thingy.

We had a fun time riding the the cute little green trolley around town.

Kory did a great job selecting our hotel for the night. We stayed at a place called Spindrift Inn. It was right on the beach and had really pretty views. Our room even had a wood burning fire place.

Our room had an awesome bay window where we could sit and look out at the ocean.

Kory didn't even pose for this picture. He was positioned like this on his own and I couldn't resist so I snapped I quick picture before he even knew what I was doing.

We saw advertisements for the History Wax Museum and decided it would be fun to go. We thought it was going to be really cool, but it was nothing like what we expected.
It ended up being a bunch of really old wax people that didn't look real at all set in historical scenes. We wouldn't recommend going.

Kory was so excited when he realized how close Pebble Beach was. We paid the $10.00 just to drive around the Pebble Beach area. The golf courses were really well kept and the area as a whole was very picturesque. Kory was in heaven the whole drive long.

We ate at Bubba Gumps. The food was really good and it was pretty cool to see all the Forrest Gump memorabilia around inside.

Lucky for us it was a bit chilly in Monterey so we had no problem building a fire in our little fireplace.

The Inn provided a nice breakfast which they brought right to our room. It was really funny because we didn't know they were going to bring the breakfast INTO our room. As soon as Kory opened our door the lady walked right in, all they way across the room, and placed the platter in the bay window. I was a bit embarrassed laying there in bed watching her tip toe around all of the chocolate kisses I had put all over the floor, not to mention the other things laying on the floor. It was really funny and awkward to say the least.

The past two years have been more fun and exciting than I could have hoped for. I couldn't ask for a better husband. Kory is the perfect person for me in every way. There is no one else I'd rather spend the rest of forever with than him. I am so blessed to have him in my life. Thanks for everything sweetie! Love you! Happy Anniversary.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Happy 22nd Birthday Marianne!

I can't believe that I am actually 22 years old. When I think of a 22 year old I think of some mature person who has everything all figured out. Instead, I feel like a 17 year old who just likes to goof off and have fun.

Kory was so cute for my birthday, he popped out of bed and made me a really yummy breakfast. He also surprised me by taking me to get a pedicure and manicure at a really nice nail place. Later that night he left work early( which he never does) to take me out to dinner. Thanks Kory for a fun Birthday!

Bergmann Family Reunion 2008

We were able to fly back to Utah for the 4th of July and stay for a few days.

Every year for the 4th of July my mom's side of the family(Bergmann= my great grandma's last name) has a big family reunion. This reunion has been a fun family tradition since before my parents were married. No matter what activities we participate in and how the reunion has changed from year to year we can always count on three main attractions to occur. The horseshoe tournament, the table of counting jars, and the endless fireworks.

Kory is a pro at horseshoes even though he is one of the newest players in the family!

Kory and my Uncle Glen competing to move on to the next round.

Scroll down to find out who won the whole tournament. You won't believe who came in first and second place!

My mom set up this game for the younger kids to play. She put handfuls of change in a big bucket of saw dust and the kids had only a few minutes to find as much money as they could.

The kids had a lot of fun so some of us older girls also decided to give it a shot. We had a lot of fun and had a lot of saw dust everywhere.

My niece Savannah counting jars with some of her cousins.

My wonderful Grandma and Grandpa Dansie.


I am very proud of Kory for winning the whole tournament. This year is the first year in the history of the reunion for a Longenecker to win. On the back of the trophy is a list of all the previous winners. I am very happy to know that Kory's name will remain on the back of this trophy as a permanent record of his achievement. If you enlarge this picture you will also notice that I made it all the way to the finals. I can't believe that I had to play against Kory. He is the most competitive person I have ever met. Of coarse he won!

My brother Steve and his wife Tiffany distributing the sparklers.

Some of my cousins with my Grandpa Dansie.

I love this picture of Kory and my niece Savannah. Aren't they both little cuties!

This is a picture of me right after I lite the fireworks. I am trying to qucikly walk away before I catch on fire.

Happy 4th of July. I just love fireworks! They are one of my very favorite things !

Golfing at Thanksgiving Point

The few, the proud, the Golfer boys ;)

Kory loves to golf! Thanks to our hook ups with Stone Security, Kory and is buddies( me included) were able to get a tee time at Thanksgiving point golf coarse for free! The four boys all golfed very well, and I did a great job driving the golf cart!

Liz and Jonathan July 11th 2008

My good friend Liz Blackwell got married on July 11th. I was so happy to be in town for her reception the night before. It was so fun meeting up with so many of my good friends. Thank goodness for wedding receptions.

Don't I have such cute friends! Katie Stapp Tenglesen, Liz Blackwell, Jen Williams, and Sharmaine Stucki Howell.