Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Spring Break Kory and I took a road trip with my parents to Washington to visit my brother Tim and his family. Here are some pictures from our jouney.

We had a lot of fun walking through the farmers market

Talk about a wet kiss!

Kory made a new little fish friend in the market

I was just standing there watching the men throw fish around in the market when all of a sudden one of the fish sales people tells me to put my arms up. I didn't really know why but I did it anyway. The next thing I knew he had me up in the air and was trying to throw me over the counter like some sort of fish :)

While visiting Seatle, we were able to make it to the top of the Space Needle

This is my brother Tim and his cute family looing out over Seatle.

My sister-in-law Jackie and my nephew Joshua had a fun time on on top of the space needle. I have never seen such a happy baby!

Even though Kory is scared of heights, he managed to stand outside on top of the Space Needle just long enough to take a picture.

Lousia and Jackson love play dough!

This is my cute niece Louisa. She will turn 5 in June. While we were visiting in Washington, Louisa was singing us all kinds of songs she had learned a her Lutheran Preschool. It was so funny when she starting singing the hokey pokey! These are the words she sang. "You put your head in. You put you head out. You put you head in and you shake it all about.You give your heart to Jesus and you turn your life around. That's what it's all about.Louisa couldn't find a LDS preschool to go to, but it looks like she is learning good things at her Lutheran preschool.

Look at these nifty houses we found in Eureka

We decided to drive the long way home so we could stop and see the redwoods. If you have never been to the redwoods in Califonia you should definitley go see them. The pictures don't show how big they really look in person. They are super dooper cool and big.

My mom's suburbin barley fit though the "drive through tree."

It was pretty funny watching my dad guide my mom through the tree. They were both a nervous wreak.

Kory looks pretty good here considering he threw up 2 minutes before. Both Kory and I caught a bug and weren't feeling so great on our way home.

Look how huge this redwood tree is. Those two little blobs are Kory and I!
This redwood tree is 315 feet tall. Crazy huh?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Moab Half Marathon 08

Running for Our Lives

Well, where do I begin? Kory and I began our journey down to Moab on Friday afternoon. Almost the entire way down Kory was trying to convince me to change our regisration from the half marathon to the 5 mile run. I was concidering this option somewhat seriously since neither of us had ran since the beginning of February. During our break I was trying to let my IT bands heel, and Kory was having really painful spasms in his back. The thought of running 5 miles did sound quite nice, but I wanted the satisfaction of knowing I ran a half marathon. We got to the check in place and we felt sooo out of place. We were surrounded by tall skinny people with really long skinny know the type! They gave us our bag of stuff we told them how un-trained we were. They just kept saying, "Well you are runners though, right?" It was really awkward and funny.

Kory and I went back to our hotel and and tried on our gear. At this point it was really setting in, we were about to run 13 miles and we were scared. Kory kept trying to sprain his ankle and making up all kinds of crazy reasons why I would have to run without him. He was mostly trying to be funny, but deep down I think he would have done almost anything if he thought he could get out of it. (It was actually Kory's idea to sign up for this)

I asked Kory why he had such a sad face in this picture and he told me it was because he thought it was going to be his last day alive. :)

We woke up Saturday morning and waited with over 4,000 other runners to be bused up Moab Canyon to our starting point. Kory and I ran together until Mile 10 then I had a sudden burst of energy when I realized that I only had 3 miles to go. I started running super fast and left Kory in the dust. I finished 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes and Kory finished in 3 hours. We didn't set any records, but we did pretty good concidering our lame bodies and lack of training. All and all we had a fun time and are sure glad to be alive to tell about it. Today we are really feeling the consequences of running 13.1 miles. You should see us trying to walk up and down our stairs :)

We made it to the finish line