Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winner, Winner, Winner!

Where to begin?
Well, I flew back to Utah on May 10th in search of a job teaching in an elementary school in the Alpine School District. I had two interviews on the 11th and really thought I would get one of them. My plan was to interview, find out I had the job, and fly back to Philadelphia all within the week. I knew I had high hopes considering every place I had interviewed has had several hundred applicants per open position. I really thought I was going to get the job at Highland Elementary because the principal told me that he was impressed by me and I felt really good about my interview. So, I waited a few days and found out that I didn't get either job.

To make a long story short, after applying for 27 positions, interviewing at 6 different schools, and living out of my suitcase for three weeks, I HAVE A JOB teaching 1st grade at Ridgeline Elementary starting this fall! In the past years the district has been short teachers, but this year is completely different. I think less people are retiring and more people are coming back to teach. There were 700 people who applied for the first grade opening at Ridgeline and they interviewed 10 of those 700 people. I was one of those 10 lucky ones thanks to Mrs. Dajany, the teacher I student taught for. I first had an interview with Ridgeline's principal and then I had an interview with all 6 of the other first grade teacher's at Ridgeline. I had heard from two different teacher's at Ridgeline that they already had somebody in mind for this position and to not waste my time even interviewing there. So, walking into the interview I didn't even know if I had a chance, but I did it anyway. Lucky for me I was hired for the position! I am pretty excited to say the least! I really didn't know if I would even have a chance teaching this fall.

I had a fun time in Utah even though I had to live without Kory for 3 weeks. I was able to hang out with some of my SUU friends, go to a baby shower, see a friend and a cousin's new baby, go to the parade of homes, go camping/4-wheeling with my family at fish lake, shop for my new classroom, and the list goes on.