Saturday, October 6, 2007

"Flip That House"

Lately Kory and I have been watching a show called, "Flip that house." This show is on TLC and is basically filming people who buy old ugly houses and remodel them to"flip" them for a profit. The reason I mention this show is because it inspired us to flip a house. Okay, so we couldn't actually afford to buy and flip a house, so we thought we would it would be fun to redo our second bedroom instead. I wanted to have one reddish maroon wall and Kory wanted to paint the other walls a light grayish color. We headed down to our local home depot and bought our paint. Our "Hiking Trial" paint which we thought looked gray, actually turned out looking very purple on the walls. We gave it a day to dry hoping it would look more gray as time went on....24 hours later we invited some friends over to tell us what color they thought the walls looked. Without saying a word about the color being gray or purple we asked them what they thought. Two friends said it looked purple and another called it lavender. Disappointed with the color, we decided to buy some new paint and repaint the three walls again. We chose a tanish color and kept the maroon paint for the forth wall. After another day of painting we were finally finished and this time is wasn't purple!



Not So Purple

Despite our experience with crazy purple paint, we are very pleased with our final results and hope to one day really "flip" a house.

Happy 23rd Birhday Kory!

Well, it's been over 2 months since by last post and I'm sure you guys are sick of checking my blog to find the same ol same ol. Since my last post a lot has happened, but I'll just go over the basics. As most of you know by now, Kory and I are back in Utah. Kory had a successful summer and plans on managing next summer. We are both back in school going to UVSC. I am in the education program and have two years left. As for Kory, he also has two year to go in business and finance.
Kory had his 23rd birthday on September 3rd which also happened to be labor day. We had a birthday BBQ for him and Mike Woodward at a Park in orem. It was a lot of fun having so many of Kory's best friends together at one time!

I have to let you guys know that this BBQ grill is Kory's pride and Joy!(Besides me that is!) He talks to it as if it were a little baby:) Don't tell him I told though!