Saturday, May 29, 2010

Schools Out For Summer!

I have been SOOO busy lately, but I will post to get the few of you who read this caught up.

Kory and I moved into our new house in Alpine a little over a month ago. We were able to paint a few rooms before Kory left for California at the beginning of May.

My last day of teaching 1st grade at Ridgeline was yesterday. It was actually really sad saying goodbye to my first little group of students. Next year I will be teaching Kindergarten at Mount Mahogany in PG. It's between American Fork Hospital and Macey's Grocery Store. I really wish I could still be teaching 1st grade, but I'm sure I'm really going to enjoy Kindergarten too! This week has been so crazy, I have had to move out all of the stuff from my Ridgeline room to my new school all while teaching and trying to make final project for my students.

I will be moving out to California next week to be with Kory and I will be there until the beginning of August. We will be living 10 minutes from the beach and only 20 minutes or so from Disneyland, so I should be able to keep myself busy:)