Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cake Decorating Lessons

I have been watching a lot of cake decorating shows this past year and kept talking about finding a class to sign up for. Well, for Christmas, Kory decided to surprise me with cake decorating lessons at Orson Gygi's Culinary Institute. I have only had one lesson so far, but after my first lesson I was so excited to get started that I came home and tried to make and decorate my first fondant covered cake. It went pretty well for my first try. Everything was going so well until I tried to lift my rollled out fondant off of the counter....I put down the powdered sugar just like I was told, but I guess I didn't put enough. My fondant was completly stuck down. I eventually got it off with Kory's help, but it end up looking like old man skin by the time I pressed it down on my cake. I made little colored circle to try and cover up the wrinkles. I guess for my first try it looks okay.

Ta da!

Frosting the cake with buttercream to use as a glue to help hold on the fondant

Rolling out the fondant.

(this is when I should have used more powdered sugar on the counter)

Well, I can now say that I have made my first fondant covered cake and I can't wait to learn more and make more cakes!

Thanks to Martin Luther King, Kory and I got an extra day off and spent the weekend in St. George!