Saturday, March 28, 2009

Being Finished with my Student Teaching or Going to the David Archuleta Concert?

I can't decide if I am more excited that I am finished with my student teaching or that I just went to the David Archuleta concert last night.

I just finished my student teaching on Tuesday! My students were so cute, they all made me a card and a huge poster. They had a surprise party for me too. I really enjoyed student teaching, but it is nice to be done. Here is a picture of my students. I have better pictures of their faces, but I'm probably not suppose to display them on the Internet. I think this picture is probably okay..don't you think.

So, I only have two more weeks of school left and I only go on Wednesday nights. Basically I only have 8 hours of school left before I graduate. Sounds great huh....well actually I have a huge senior project due and a portfolio of all of my main assignments that I have done in the past two years. So far my senior projects 32 pages long and I probably have 15 to go. Some of those pages are worksheets, but a lot of them are lessons and reflections. It will be nice when it's all over with. I guess when I'm finished with that I will have something else to worry about like interviews and actually teaching. I hope to get a teaching position this fall in Alpine School District.

Kory and I went to the David Archuleta concert last night. We are not really concert goers, but when I heard that David Archuleta was coming to town I couldn't resist (and neither could Kory). I just think he is the cutest little thing and he is such a good singer. So.. when we walked into the E-Center we instantly became surrounded by thousands of 12 year old girls who probably are capable of screaming louder than any other age group in the world. His concert was really good!I can't wait to go to the next one.

By the way....don't let Kory tell you that he HAD to take me to a David Archuleta concert, because he loved every minute of it. You should have seen the smile on his face when David came out!

I have some good video footage but I can't get it to upload. Sorry. Oh, and I saw my good friend Sharmaine at the concert too!