Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun times

I have been sooooooo busy this past month and a half with school starting up again...not to mention changing schools and grades. So far Kindergarten has really tested my patience, but it has also been a lot of fun too. Hopefully each day just keeps getting easier. Kory is back in Utah now and is currently looking for a job.

We went camping up A.F. canyon this past weekend with our friends. The leaves were already changing colors and looking so pretty.

Michelle, Christian, Marianne, and Kory

Happy Birthday Kory! I have an awesome cupcake book and I got the idea to make a golf course cake for Kory for his b-day cake.

We had a fun birthday party for Kory and his friend Mike in our backyard.

Colton, Kory, and Landon

Chelsea and Zac

Christian and Michelle

Chris, Kathryn, and Cole

The green

Kory and I made homemade hotdog and hamburger buns one Sunday afternoon. They actually turned out really good. Especially the hotdog buns!

Me in my new classroom on top of my cupboards.

Chelsea and Zak came out to California for a family vacation and happened to be staying in a house on Newport Beach which was only 15 minutes away from where we lived. We decided to meet up and go to's always fun to see somebody you know in a different place.