Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well, It has almost been a month since our last post so I thought I would get typing. Well, Kory and I haven't done anything super exciting lately but we have been training for the Canyonlands half marathon on March 8. Neither of us are runners, but we thought we would try something new and get some exercise while we are at it. We are running about every other day at the Orem rec center. The past few times we have gone running the sides of my knees and the bottoms of my hips have been hurting sooo bad. I finally decided to slip on my protective eye goggles and do some research! After looking at countless leg diagrams and reading several medical journals, I have come to discover that I have Iliotibial Band Syndrome. This band runs from your hip abductor to the top of your tibia. Every article I have read said to stop running for at least 4 to 6 weeks to allow them to heal. Since the marathon is going to take place in just over a month, I don't think that is going to be an option. Oh well! If I end up walking the whole thing it will still be fun anyway! We are actually running it with my brother and sister-in-law so it will just be a fun memory making experience if not anything else. Wait a minute....did I just say FUN memory making experience? It might just turn into a painful memory making experience instead:) Either way I am looking forward to the whole experience. ( If any of you know about IBS or how to cure it fast, just let me know!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas in Virginia (part 2)

This is one of the main buildings at Southern Virginia University. Isn't it beautiful!(above...not the temple below :)
The Washington D.C. temple is so pretty to see at night. We didn't know before going, but the temple grounds are covered in Christmas lights just like temple square.

We spent New Year's eve day in Washington D.C. visiting all the sites. We had a lot of fun. My favorite part was going to the Air and Space Museum. (I have always wanted to be an astronaut !)

We had a lot of fun spending time with Kory's family this holiday season. We were lucky to be able to ALL meet in Virginia and spend so much memory making time together! We were there for Casey's basketball games, Kristen's birthday party, Jaymes's homecoming talk and Christmas.

Christmas in Virginia

Our 10 day Christmas adventure in Virginia all started when we left with Kory's brother Bub, his wife Danielle, and their little girl Hailey to Las Vegas to catch our flight. After a 6 hour drive to Vegas, and a 4 hour delay, we were on our way to Michigan. Because of our delay in Las Vegas, we missed our connecting flight in Michigan. After waiting another four hours in the airport, we were able to get stand by tickets on a flight headed to Maryland. Once we got to Maryland Kory's dad picked us up and be were finally on our way to Buena Vista, Virginia. At this point I thought our traveling was finally over. Boy was I wrong. We still has 3 hours of driving to go. By the time we got there we had traveled for 24 hours.

Reunited at last!

We couldn't all get together and not have some family pictures taken!

On Christmas Eve we went to the local ice cream shop and met up with Santa Claus. Luckily he had just enough time to let us sit on his lap before he had to leave!

These are some of our cute nieces and nephews! Jaden, Hailey, Max, and Alissa

Every year on Christmas Eve the Longenecker family acts out the nativity story. This year I got to help with the directing and Kory got to be the photographer! This kids all did a great job acting out their parts!

Santa Came!

We gave to Jenny and Alan this Year