Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our last few days in California

Kory has done an awesome job this summer. He has put a lot of time and dedication into managing his office and it has paid off! His office was the "Top Office" and sold more accounts than any other office in Stone Security this year. Kory worked really hard and ended up selling more than his goal. He even earned us a trip to Hawaii and a 42" flat screen tv. Good work!

This is a picture of some of the sales guys

The pool area has really nice BBQ grills so Kory decided to host his final correlation meeting at the pool and have a little BBQ. It was a fun way to celebrate the salesman's last day. Kory is "really" sad it's his last day knocking, I mean look at his face

Nate, Kirk, Linzi, Sophia, Brent, Bob, Dan, and Jimmy

I'm going to miss having a pool and hot tub to go to everyday

We realized our recommends were about to expire so we made a quick drive at 5:00 in the morning to the Oakland temple to do a session.

My new shorter hair!

Look, I had a baby while I was in California! Okay, not really. All of the wives of the sales guys got together to have a baby shower. It was so nice this year having more married couples out selling with us. It was nice having girls to hang around with for a change.


Tyler and Erin said...

Looks like you guys did well! I love your short hair! So cute!

Schonbergs said...

Cute new hair! Looks like you guys had a great summer and way to go Kory on the sales!
We love love love the Oakland temple..its so beautiful!..Im glad you guys got to see it!

Jilly Bean said...

My oh my! A post! How glad I am to see the updates and how well you guys did this summer. I must say that I'm excited you're back though!

Jennie Z said...

Yea Kory!! I bet it feels nice to be done and back home. Love the new hair! I just cut mine too.
Wish we could come to Hawaii with you. I am a bit jealous!!

Val Murphy said...

Did that trip to Hawaii happen to be for three? jk but I like the new hair cut...hopefully we'll start seeing you around here soon!

megan said...

I love your new hair cut it is so cute. Also way to go Kory on making your goal plus some! A trip to Hawaii? Jealous! Please invite me over to watch TV on your new flat inch! LOL! I am glad you are coming back so we can play.

Sophia and Brent said...

Your hair looks really good!!! lets for sure plan game nights this year!

Nelly said...

Yeah, we are way excited to know that you guys are back in Utah!!! We will have to get together and hang out. So Hawaii huh, that is awesome. When are you guys going to go there? Oh and Mari, your hair is super cute!