Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween Festivities...finally!

Happy Halloween! I love halloween, i just love everything about it. The leaves the costumes, the smell of pumpkin guts, watching scary movies, and halloween parties. This year I hosted a Halloween party for my friends. It was a lot of fun. Every year at our halloween party we play the annual potato rolling contest. If you have never played you should, it's so funny

Ha, ha, I'm finally better then Kory at one thing!

Katie and Dan Tenglesen

Chris and Kathryn Clegg

Megan Hilton competing against the potato rolling champion!

I just love this picture!

Michelle and Christian Smith as hicks

We carved pumpkins at the Woodward's house with a group of friends. I just love carving pumpkins and ...I love the smell of pumpkins too.

Flintstones Meet the Flintstones...da da da da

We went to a fun Halloween party at the Morse's house and we played some crazy games as you can see.


The Tengelsens said...

Thanks for hosting that was a BLAST!

Nelly said...

Fun!!! Great Costumes!!!

Sophia and Brent said...

I love that you captured that sweet picture of kory and brent... So priceless!

Jake and Bryton said...

we expect you guys to step it up next year for the doughnut contest...and maybe have a baby so you can win the costume contest...

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Your party was a blast. I had such a great time.

Chels & Zak said...

SOOO Sad we missed your party. We did nothing but work Halloween night. So dont worry we weren't having any fun without you. Hopefully we can catch the next party. We need to get together soon.

Aaron and Rachel Seitzinger said...

Marianne,this is Rachel Williams, your blog is so cute. It looks like your party was a lot of fun. Look me up and we'll stay in touch.