Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Break

Kory and I had a wonderful Christmas break!

I love Christmas time because there is so much to do. We went to the festival of trees which I love doing. We also got to go see the lights at temple square with some for Kory's family that were in town from Florida and Logan.
We stayed Christmas Eve night at my parents house and spent Christmas day with my family. It's always so much fun to have my whole family together.
On the 28th we got to go to Hawaii for a week with all the guys in Kory's company who sold over a hundred security systems.

Every Christmas each member of my family makes a gift for another member in the family. It's always so fun to see what each person makes. Making gifts is one of my favorite family traditions. This year I made a picture frame out of old barn wood for my brother Clint. Thanks to my dad for helping me, I was able to make an awesome frame.

Kory got to make for our sister-in-law Tiffany. He decided to sew an apron. Kory did a great job thanks to sports sewing!

Our sister-in-law Jackie made Kory a batman wallet. She made it out of batman underware. If you are ever at our house you'll have to see it. It's so cool, it has compartments and everything.

My brother Tim made me an awesome copper frame with a mirror in the middle. It's a really pretty house decoration that I will have forever. I can't find a picture of it, I will have to take a picture and post it next time.

We went to the island of oahu and stayed on Waikiki. There were 24 of us there.

We snorkeled at Hunama Bay


Tyler and Erin said...

I'm so jealous you guys got to go to Hawaii! How fun is that! Oh and I love your boots in that top picture! Do you mind if I ask where you got them?

Nelly said...

Looks like December was an awesome month!!! We want to go to Hawaii so bad, for now we will have to live through you beautiful pics. Glad you had fun!

erika said...

Sounds like Christmas was a blast. And the Hawaii trip dosn't sound too bad. Fun!

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

Thats so fun you got to go to Hawaii! My family went there for Christmas! Looks like you guys had a fun holiday:)

Waltz's said...

uh! I'm so jealous. No more having babies in the summer. I bet it was so fun. We miss you guys!!