Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exhilarating VS Beautiful

Kory and I had the opportunity to go to Miller Motorsports Park for Kory's company party. After the meeting and lunch, three people were selected out of a raffle to take three "fast laps" with a professional race car driver around the track. Being the lucky person that I am, I was one of the three people who were chosen to speed around the race track. I had so much fun! I was honestly scared for my life and thought for sure the car was going to roll. We were going somewhere around 130 MPH on the straight aways and 90 MPH around the the corners. It was so freaky, but I loved almost every second of it. The track isn't just an normal oval track, this track was had all kinds of zigs and zags throughout it which made it even more scary. The car slid and screeched around every corner. It was pretty awesome, I had a permanent smile on my face when I got out of the car!

Kory did not get chosen out of the raffle, but they snuck in a few fast laps for him too!

Everyone who came to the party got to ride in Jeep Rubicons around the Moab course. They drove us up and down some really steep hills. It was pretty cool to see what those Jeeps could do.

I got to spend a girls day out and go with my mom and my sister to Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival. The tulips and daffodils were so pretty! I loved walking around the gardens and enjoyed the perfect 75 degree day.


Nelly said...

How fun! I'm pretty sure I would have wet my pants going that fast in the race car!

Abbee said...

hey how are you? ya the job search is not going too great so far, but hopefully it picks up. so have you left to go sell with your husband yet?

We are the Dall family said...

Ahh, you three look so cute! I love your mom, she is a sweet heart!


Leslie said...

You are crazy Mary. Those cars go so fast. Tell you mom I say hi and that she looks exactly the same as when we were doing gym together. Good luck this summer.