Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three years and counting!

Kory and I just had our three year anniversary on July 27th! Crazy huh? The time has flown by. I scares me to think about how fast the next three year will go!

Lucky for us, Kory happened to have Monday off this week so we were able to take a fun trip to Virgina and to Washingtion D.C. for our anniversary. We started out visiting Kory's family in Virginia Saturday night and stayed with them until Monday morning. It was nice to spend some time with his family since we don't get to very often.

I love the Washington D.C. Temple, it's so pretty!

We stayed in Washington D.C. on our anniversary night and woke up early to do a session. I was so excited to finally go inside this temple.

Luray Caverns!!!!!! One of the most awesome things we've seen!

So...on our way from Virginia to D.C. we kept seeing huge billboards advertising the Luray Caverns... the largest caverns in the east. I read a few of the billboards to myself and thought that I would have to come back and do that sometime. As we got closer and closer to the exit I asked Kory if he had noticed the billboards. He had and we decided to take a chance and check them out. WOW, what a great always pays off to be spontaneous! The caverns were huge and filled with all kinds of stalactites....and the tour included an audio tour right on our individual headsets. IF YOU ARE IN VA, GO TO THESE CAVERNS.
We had a great anniversary to say the least.

Fried eggs anyone? Funny how these really do look like fried eggs! This was one of our favorite parts in the cavern. This picture looks like it has stalactites AND stalagmites in it, but really the bottom half of the picture is all a reflection in a pool of water. This looked so awesome in person! The audio tour said that the people who discovered the caverns called this little spot the fish market...can you see the fish all hanging in a row? We went to the driving range with a few of Kory's brothers and I actually hit some pretty good balls...or should I say...drove some good shots..? Logan, Jaymes, and Kory We had a picnic at "the river" in Virginia with Kory's family. I wish we would have had more time to throw on own our suits and go for a dip! Kory's sister Jennie and brother-in-law Alan and their kids were also in Virgina visiting so we were able to spend some time with them too!


Chris and Kathryn said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to see you guys

Sophia said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Those caverns look amazing!
We miss you guys tons can't wait to hang out when you get back:)

~*Mom2twins*~ said...

Happy anniversary! Those caverns are awesome! looks like you had a good time!

Nelly said...

Three years- Congrats! Time really does go by fast! We are excited to get to see you guys this weekend! YEAH!

meganhiltonedps3140 said...

Three years, wow! Happy Anniversary.

The Waltz's said...

WOW!! That is gorgeous! I love stuff like that. Being spontaneous really does pay off ;) We miss you!! Can't wait to see pics of your classroom.