Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quick Update

I just realized that I left my camera at school, but I will just quickly write about what we've been up to.

- Over the 24th of July we were in Utah for a family reunion up Hobble Creek Canyon. We had a lot of fun camping and Kory even won the Bergmann family horseshoe tournament. We have the trophy to prove it!

-After the 24th of July weekend we headed straight up to Bear Lake for another family reunion. We had a lot of fun with Kory's family....and it was awesome having every single one of Kory's family members there. That only happens about once in every 4 years. It was kind of a big deal since he had family coming from Virginia, Florida, Las Vegas, and us from California.

-Kory and I went back to California for a week and made a quick day trip to Tijuana. Boy is that place stinky!

-I packed up our stuff and Kory and I drove back to Utah so I could get started on setting up my new room.

- Kory dropped me off in Utah last Sunday and flew back to California that same day day.

- This past week I have been working non stop on getting my new room all set up for this coming year of teaching Kindergarten. With my mom's help were were able to get everything set up in 4 days.

- Alpine days was yesterday and I had a lot of fun with my family. The breakfast, parade, booths, rodeo, and the fireworks.

-Kory will be working in California for two more weeks. I have/get to start going to school on August 23rd. School starts on the 25th. I luckily will just be testing my students by appointment one by one for 5 days. So my first "real" day of teaching with be on September 1st. case I haven't mentioned it before, I will be teaching at Mount Mahogany in PG near State Street and sort of by Macey's.

- Well...that's all for now!


Val Murphy said...

Sounds like life's gotten real busy all of the sudden :) Ha, no more of those google searches on boredom :) We will have to try and hang out back in Utah...we come home at the beginning of next week....good luck with all your testing and your new kindergarten class!

Jilly Bean said...

Oh Marianne, sounds like life has been pretty nonstop. I am glad you had your mom's help with your room. I can't wait to see pictures or even see it in person! I'm excited to see you. In fact, I'll call you tomorrow, probably before you even see this comment. Love you lots!

Adam+Tatum said...

Good luck with the start of school! What lucky will be such a fun teacher!

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