Friday, November 30, 2007

Turkey Day

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving a bit different than usual. My parents have a time share in Park City so we used our "share of time" over Thanksgiving week. We had a lot of's too bad there was no snow!
Happy Turkey Day! It was a great day for us, but not so great for the turkey :(

Thanks Mom and Dad for the great dinner!

This is our niece Savannah, she discovered the fun of olives!!!

Kory is really good at making new friends...
he even like to make friends with the hardest ones to get along with.

We invited some friends up to spend the night. We went out to dinner then headed to the hot tub for a quick dip. Little did we know the hot tub closed five minutes after we got there. The security gaurd came and kicked us out. We were pretty disappointed until we came up with the great idea of going back to the condo and smashing all six of us into a two man jacuzzi. Let's just say it was the best human puzzle ever made!
"A rub a dub just a splashin' in the tub, thinkin' everything was alright!"

As soon as we got home from Park City our tree was up and decorated. We had a lot of fun decorating our house and listening to Christmas music.
Good thing Kory is taller than me!
I love Christmas!! I can't wait.
This year we are going to Virginia to spend Christmas with Kory's family. His whole family is going to fly in to be there. Bub and Danielle from Logan, Ryan and Bethany from Las Vegas, Jenny and Alan from Florida, and Jaymes just got home yesterday form his mission in Oklahoma. The Longenecker family hasn't all been together since Kory's mission fairwell, more than 4 years ago. It's going be to be quite the reunion. We are really looking forward to it!


The Chappells said...

hey i know you don't recognize the married last name....but this is Jenny (allsop) and we are out in VA in Blacksburg actually and are headed to Northern VA for Christmas...we should totally try and meet up or something. I haven't seen you guys in FOREVER!!! Sorry i stalked you out on here but seriously let's try and meet up!!!! 703-964-7850!!!!

Jilly Bean said...

Whoa! I loved the time share pics, especially of all 6 of you in the hot tub. Holy moly! I'm excited for you to be able to go to VA this Christmas and I hope you have a good time!

lindsey anne said...

Hey Marianne and Kory! Can I get your address? Feel free to email it to Thanks! I love your blog, good to see you two so happy!

Jennie Z said...

Hey guys, I am glad Kory finally made a friend, even if it wasn't human. Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving. Cute Tree. We are excited to see you for the Holidays!

Megan & Aaron Hilton said...

What a fun thanksgiving weekend! I love the Park City pictures. I love your christmas tree, it looks very cute. Well I hope you guys have a Very Merry Christmas!

The Longeneckers said...

We are sooo excited for you guys to come! We can't wait!