Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I was recently tagged by my sister-in-law Jenny, and I am supposed to list all of the items that are currently in my purse. This could get scarry! Here I go.

1. One dried up wet nap
2. Library reciept of books checked out.
3. Rough draft of Valentine Poem I wrote for Kory.
4. Three hair elastics
5. Seventeen bobby pins (Thats were they all went)
6. Two Chapsticks, and Three Lip Glosses
7. Five pens and one mechanical pencil
8. Ripped up voided check
9. Chinese coin purse
10. One whole comb, and one broken comb
11. One stale and shattered piece of Winterfresh Gum.
12. Two wrappers with old chewed up gum.
13. Fingernail Clippers
14. Wallet ( Credit and Debit cards, Receipts, Library Card, Expired Drivers License, Current Drivers License, and two expired temporary drivers permits, a little cash, UVSC ID card, etc.)
15. Check stub from Home Depot.
16. Cell Phone

WOW! That was really good to finally clean out my purse!

I am going to tag Michelle Watkins Smith, Jill Jackson, and Ashley Sorenson.


Jennie Z said...

The sad part is that it will get way worse when you become a mom. You are always lucky when you don't have cheerios at the bottom! Enjoy your clean purse!

Tyler and Erin said...

How funny... I think I should do this just so I can clean my purse out! :-)

Tyler said...

hey how you guys? are you ready for the marathon in a couple weeks? hope your knee feels better!

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Wow you had some fun stuff in your purse!